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As we age, the greater the likelihood that we will get arthritis or some condition or disease that makes it more difficult for us to get up and down from a sitting position. For anyone with any type of mobility restriction, the once simple activity of getting our hips above our knees so we can stand up, now becomes a challenge on an everyday basis. 

The ability to remain independent is an important aspect to quality of life. For those who suffer from diminished mobility, neuromuscular diseasescirculatory issues, arthritis, age-related weakness, or are recovering from an illness or surgery, getting up from a sitting position in a traditional chair can be difficult or even impossible without help.  A lift chair can give you the help you need.  

Lift chairs have a remote, and with the push of a button, you can recline the chair to comfortably read, watch TV, simply relax or even sleep. Then, when you press the incline button, the back of the chair raises to position your hips over your knees to an almost standing position. When you are almost standing, you just straighten your back and you’re ready to walk. 

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