Our Solution for COVID-19 Concerns

With worldwide concerns regarding the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), we are aware patients may be fearful of going to a healthcare facility or having a healthcare provider visit them in their home. Since the health and safety of our patients is our top priority, we proudly introduce Virtual Care by AeroCare, an alternative solution for PAP and oxygen set-ups at a patient’s home or office with virtual instruction and follow-up.

If the patient chooses these new options, the patient’s equipment and related supplies will be shipped directly to their home. An AeroCare clinician will follow-up with a virtual call to discuss proper use and care, as well as answer any questions the patient may have. AeroCare can also arrange a home sleep apnea test or overnight oximetry test for patients who are concerned about visiting a diagnostic facility. Our goal is to ease the anxiety of contact with others allowing for greater comfort and confidence within their own home.


Easing Patient Concerns

As an innovative leader in respiratory care, AeroCare is here to ease your patients’ concerns by offering solutions with technology. For more information on how we can implement Virtual Care by AeroCare for your patients, please contact your local Wisconsin Region Sales Representative.