Women are discovering that there are many ways to restore their appearance and renew their self-confidence following breast surgery. The advances in breast form technology and fabrics for bras are nothing short of remarkable. 

We will make your fitting process a positive experience. Our fitters are certified and experienced and treat all of our clients with compassion and respectOur fitting rooms are private, comfortable and spacious. 

We know the road to recovery holds many challenges, and we want to support you as much as we can. We are committed to making this time a little easier for you by helping you look and feel your very best. 

Breast Forms 

  • Custom Breast Forms help achieve a natural and symmetrical appearance after breast surgery. They are the perfect non-surgical alternative to reconstructive surgery. In addition to full breast forms, custom nipples and partial forms are available to augment reconstructed and partial surgery (lumpectomy) sites. custom breast prosthesis captures every intimate detail of your remaining breast. It is artfully sculpted for a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted fit so it will match your unique contour, shape, profile and skin color. 
  • Attachable Breast Forms attach to the skin and move with the body. Because they redistribute the weight from the shoulder to the chest wall, these forms are perfect for women experiencing lymphedema or shoulder discomfort. They also offer the added benefit of fashion freedom to wear designer bras, swimsuits and lingerie, and are ideal for the active woman, providing a complete sense of security when engaging in activities like tennis, golf, jogging and swimming.  
  • Self-Contouring Forms are designed to give a more natural feeling and appearance. The conformable back layer contours gently and softly over the chest wallis comfortable even over the most sensitive scar tissue and moves naturally with the body. 
  • Lightweight Breast Forms are used when there are extenuating circumstances like lymphedema, shoulder pain or other physical problems. 
  • Non-Weighted Breast Forms are usually made of foam or fiberfill and are used immediately following surgery, and subsequently for leisure, swimming and sleeping. 
  • Partial Silicone Breast Forms or Symmetry Enhancers are used to correct any imbalance in shape or size.  Shapers gently mold to the body and provide optimal breast symmetry and balance. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and thickness, so that every woman can feel self-assured in her clothing choices and every day activities.  They are also a perfect solution to augment congenital asymmetry. 

Post-Surgical Camisoles 

The cotton Lycra fabric found in post-surgical camisoles gently hugs the body for a secure fit and features smooth seams to minimize irritation on sensitive skin. The camisoles incorporate lightweight breast forms to provide a natural shape without the weight of a silicone prosthesis and the restraint of a bra. The removable and repositionable drainage pouches make them ideal for wearing following surgery, and then afterwards for leisure or sleeping. 

Specialty Bras  

Sporty, sexy or everyday favorites - beautiful lingerie makes a women feel special, and that’s not a feeling you should sacrifice just because you had breast surgery. Our bra selection is pretty, colorful and feminine, with all the fit and function you need following breast surgery. Post-surgical bras are constructed to be comfortable and supportive and have special pockets that securely hold the breast form in place.