Choosing the right PAP therapy mask can be crucial to the success of a patient's sleep therapy. 

Full Face Masks

The Full Face Mask covers the patient’s mouth and nose. It covers a larger area of the patient’s face to create a CPAP seal over both airways. Even though some patients might find the bulky size of the mask uncomfortable, it’s the perfect solution for patients that require higher pressures or if they breathe through their mouth.

Nasal Masks

The Nasal Mask covers the patient’s nose from the bridge to their upper lip area. This delivers an indirect airflow to the airway via the nasal mask and works well for patients who need higher pressure settings.

Nasal Pillow Masks

The Nasal Pillow Mask is a compact and lightweight option for patients with designs that allow minimal contact with their face. These masks work best with prescriptions of low to moderate pressure settings, since airflow that is direct to the nostrils may be uncomfortable at high settings.