AeroCare's product selection is expansive. Our staff is highly qualified and our service is unparalleled. Our team of Respiratory Therapists, Respiratory Specialists, Emergency Medical Technicians, Home Care Technicians and support staff have years of respiratory care experience. Our professional Respiratory Care staff stays in tune with the industry and is constantly learning, bringing the best home to your patients.

Primary duties of the respiratory team are delineated as follows:

  • Respiratory Therapists: Teach utilization of equipment to users and family members and provide patient care for people needing ventilators, apnea monitors, oxygen, PAP and phototherapy therapy.
  • Respiratory Specialists/Emergency Medical Technicians: Follow-up on patients new to oxygen. They evaluate patients for the most appropriate oxygen delivery system, which could be LOX, Concentrator, Oxygen Conserving Device or a self-filling oxygen system. They also review the home safety aspects of having oxygen in the home – including oxygen outcomes and compliance monitoring.
  • Patient Care: Coordinate discharge and set-ups for new respiratory patients. They are our lead in handling customer questions and concerns.
  • Respiratory Support Coordinators: Help with scheduling, coordinating compliance, and work closely with Respiratory Intake Specialists to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Home Care Technicians: Are trained to deliver, set-up and educate patients on oxygen therapy equipment. They teach clients the safe and effective use of the equipment.