Your Own Team of Experts
AeroCare is honored to be your provider of formula and/or the supplies for your tube feedings. The Tube Feeding department is a team of dietitians and nurses who will assist you throughout your nutrition therapy. This team of clinicians will provide on-going individualized assessments, monitoring, and expertise to minimize complications and optimize reaching your nutritional goals.

How to Order Supplies
Contact the Tube Feeding (Enteral) department to place your order refill at least seven (7) business days before delivery is needed. Please note that supplies or formula will NOT be sent automatically.

We invite you to contact a member of the Tube Feeding department to set-up your individual reorder process

Each month, the Enteral Team will ask you a series of questions to assist in optimizing your nutritional goals. These questions will include body weight, changes in condition, tolerance to feedings and amount of formula/supplies remaining in the home. Please note, typically, your insurance will allow enough formula and supplies to last you one month. Contact us immediately if you are admitted to the hospital or if there are any changes to your tube feeding prescription or health insurance. This will permit us to obtain the paperwork to ensure you get the formula/supplies needed. Also, notify us if your tube feedings have been discontinued.    

How to Store Formula
All nutritional formula should be stored according to the instructions printed on its label and used before its expiration date. Use the formula remaining before the newly delivered formula.

Return of Formula and Supplies
Regulations prohibit the resale or reuse of dispensed prescriptions and related supplies. Therefore, we are unable to issue credit for any unused formula or supplies.