The 4 C's of Traveling with Oxygen

Whether planning a short car trip, a train trip, or a flight, oxygen therapy does not have to keep you at home. Planning ahead allows you to safely travel and enjoy your trip.  

To help guide you in your planning, here are the 4 C’s of Traveling with Oxygen:  

  1. Call your Doctor: Your doctor knows your medical situation, liter flow, and medications best. Speak to him/her about your trip prior to traveling. 

  1. Contact AeroCare: Our Customer Service Representatives will help you in deciding the type of equipment you require to fulfill your oxygen needs on your trip. We can help guide you in the process depending on how you are traveling and the details of your trip. 

  1. Carry your Prescription: Oxygen is a medical drug regulated by the FDA, therefore it requires a current prescription. While on your trip, you should keep extra copies of your prescription, and any other pertinent doctor’s orders you may have.  

  1. Confirm your Plans: One week prior to leaving on your trip, confirm your oxygen arrangements and any other special preparations with AeroCare and with your travel provider (airline, cruise line, bus company, travel agent). Be prepared to follow any requirements that they deem necessary. 

Traveling with oxygen can seem intimidating at first but by planning ahead, calling AeroCare, and making the necessary arrangements in advance, traveling with oxygen can be smooth sailing.

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